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Causes: Climate change
Commitment: ad-hoc
Location: Worldwide
Action: Join the global Slack community and take part
Skills / Eligibility: Membership is open to anyone who identifies as a tech worker. People of any geographic region, sector, skill-set, day job, seniority, knowledge or experience level are welcome.

The climate crisis requires a serious and sustained response from across civil society, and that includes the tech sector and technology professionals.

The mission is to empower technology professionals to play our part — to meet, discuss, learn and take climate action.

Our vision is that everyone is working on the climate crisis at all levels, and together we are driving industry and society toward a sustainable future.


Ross Fairbanks on

It’s 2019 and more delay is no longer a viable option. So lastly if you work in tech please consider joining There are 500 of us in the @climateActTech slack community and we’d love to see you there!💚

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