Actions :: Volunteer as an instructor for Codefirst: Girls

Volunteer as an instructor for Codefirst: Girls

Causes: Education Inclusion & Diversity
Commitment: 2 hours, plus prep once a week for 8 weeks
Location: UK
Action: We have a lot of community courses planned for this year! All of our community courses are run for free, and we do this with the help of our amazing volunteer instructors.
Skills / Eligibility: Our instructors come from a variety of coding background, and include computer science/technical post graduates, company based professionals with programming experience, freelance developers and university lecturers.

CodeFirst: Girls is a social enterprise that directly helps women to overcome one of the single biggest barriers to entering the tech industry - education. ​ We want to change society and the face of the UK economy by teaching 20,000 women how to code for free by the end of 2020. In 2018, female Programmers and software developer made up only 4.2% of tech and telco professionals in the UK. That number was down from 10% in 2007.

​Over the past 5 years we’ve taught 10,000+ women how to code for free. We’ve delivered £6.75 million worth of free coding education


Pauline Narvas on

I’ve said this on my blog, on social media and in real life numerous times but I need to say it again: the highlight of my university experience (after 4 long years) is getting involved with Code First: Girls….

Since joining CFG, I’ve met so many people like me. People with different journeys into coding, people who want to learn more like I do, people that do things for the greater future and people who don’t judge me when I excitedly tell them about my online work.”

Sara Greenbourne on

This course proved to me that there is space, not just for women in this industry, but for women from all different educational backgrounds – be it an English Literature student, or a woman with a more conventional path to coding, such as an engineering degree. This is because of the career talks from experts from different parts of the industry and through conversations with the course instructors about their own career paths. In fact, judging by the different strengths of the various projects by other groups in this CF:G Summer Intensive alone, this diversity serves different markets, creates different solutions, and can only improve the industry.

Patrick Willis on

Back in June I was fortunate enough to attend The Lead Developer Conference here in London. Amongst many great talks was one given by Beverley Newing about how to run awesome tech internships. Part of this was focused on the challenges of getting into technology for those coming from non-university routes and the importance of internships and courses enabling people to do so. I walked away feeling that this was certainly something I was in a position to do something about.

Getting back into the office later that week I immediately set to getting in touch with a few organisations and people to try and find out what would be most useful and a good fit for our company. After a bit of searching around we signed up to host the CF:G introduction to web development course during their autumn session.

A few logistical hoops later (figuring out how to seat everyone around a screen for the content with space and power for laptops was probably the trickiest part of the entire process!) and we were ready to start. CF:G provided the course materials, slides and scripts for us to work from and on a dark, wet Monday night in mid-October 22 young women descended on the FundApps office to start their journey into development!

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