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Take the Founders Pledge

Causes: Charitable giving
Commitment: long-term one-off
Location: Worldwide
Action: Make a binding commitment to donate a chosen percentage of your personal proceeds at the point of liquidity. Choose the percentage that's right for you, above our minimum 2%.
Skills / Eligibility: Founder or shareholder of a business

Founders Pledge is a global community of entrepreneurs. Together, we’re finding and funding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. On joining, every member makes a binding pledge to donate a portion of their personal proceeds on liquidity to charity. Over $1.9 billion has been pledged so far.


James Crowley on

When my co-founder Andrew introduced me to Founders Pledge, the concept totally clicked for me. I could turn my vague plan into a legally binding personal commitment in a matter of minutes. Even better, when the time (hopefully!) comes to donate they’d help me figure out the most effective charities to support the causes I care about.

Ed Newton-Rex on

I, and many founders I know, have uttered that promise to embark on philanthropy in a meaningful way if and when we can. But we’re yet to be tested on whether or not we can live up to our avowed ideals. And, let’s be honest — we’re human, and humans have an unfortunate tendency to get distracted by fast cars and shiny gadgets.

The Founders Pledge is a way of holding ourselves to that promise — of ensuring we don’t get distracted. And, as such, it has the potential to ensure more philanthropic intentions come to fruition.

Damian Kimmelman on

Andy and I made a simple pledge; as founders, we would commit to give at least 2% of any future proceeds from our companies - for example, from a sale or stock market flotation - to social causes of our choosing. So although we couldn’t give now, we would when we could.

So… so what? Two people promising to give money they haven’t made yet towards good causes. Not going to stop world hunger, is it? Perhaps not. But what we did also do is tell other founders in the tech sector about our promise. And they liked the idea, and they said they’d do it too - and they told their friends as well. Two years on, and the Founders Pledge has properly taken off.

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