Actions :: Build AI models with Omdena

Build AI models with Omdena

Causes: Climate change Social good
Commitment: flexible every 2 weeks
Location: Worldwide
Action: Apply for our upcoming AI challenges or join our Shortlist to be informed about a match between your application and future challenges.
Skills / Eligibility: Our collaborators come from various backgrounds and experience levels.

Omdena is a global platform where organizations build AI models for social good via harnessing the power of a global collaborative community of AI engineers and enthusiasts.

Every second week we host a new challenge where a global community of AI enthusiasts collaborates to solve social problems through AI.


Samir Sheriff on

A group of strangers from different corners of the Earth, who have never met each other before; transcending geographical borders and time zones to work together and solve fascinating social problems; whilst learning from and inspiring each other every single day! This isn’t just a figment of my imagination. Such a world exists and I am extremely grateful that I am part of such an extraordinary journey

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