Actions :: Contribute to Open Source Friday

Contribute to Open Source Friday

Causes: Open source
Commitment: ad-hoc
Location: Worldwide
Action: Join this friday and contribute to the software you use and love
Skills / Eligibility: Anyone who can code!

Open source is made by people just like you. This Friday, invest a few hours contributing to the software you use and love.

Contributing to open source happens at all levels, across projects and design, documentation, operations and code. You don’t need to overthink what exactly your first contribution will be, or how it will look.


Kim Crayton on

Contributing to open source not only allows businesses of every size to take advantage and build upon the talents of others, it’s also an avenue for those new to coding to acclimate themselves to the development process in ways that allow them to practice, experiment, and showcase themselves as valuable and contributing members of the community.

Chris Lamb on

I got to where I am today by contributing to open source software, allowing me to not only improve my skills as a software developer but also to increase my network of colleagues and to meet new and interesting friends from extremely diverse cultures. I can highly recommend it.

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